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Wage Garnishnment

All the IRS cares about is getting back what you owe and they will stop at nothing.

You do not have time to loose. In today’s struggling economy the loss of a quarter of your wages can have a devastating impact on your budget and almost every other aspect of your life.


Because penalties and interest can snowball a taxpayer always ends up paying more than they originally anticipate. The impact of these fines can be monumental. Too often, we seen individual tax payers waits until the situation becomes unmanageable.


Too many victims try to negotiate directly with a pleasant IRS employee on the phone who offers friendly advice- but remember always: IRS employees are not inclined (nor allowed) to offer you the full range of legal advice regarding every tax break available to you. They get paid to collect taxes, not act as your lawyer. And you rarely get to speak to the same IRS employee more than once. Meanwhile, the real threat is the ticking clock- the longer you wait to fully resolve the wage garnishment, the worse it gets for you.


Using a knowledgeable tax professional will not only help prepare a taxpayer for the pain of wage garnishment but can also work to make sure you only pay what you owe. Sometimes the IRS has to be shown the taxpayer does not even owe the IRS, thus eliminating the wage garnishment.

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