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Offer In Compromise
Our tax experts have extensive expertise with planning, preparing, and negotiating Offers in Compromise (OIC)
Unfiled Tax Returns
After ignoring many notices to file a tax return, the IRS may choose to generate a tax return(s) for you, called a Substitute For Return (SFR)
ITIN Application
Do you need to apply or renew your ITIN? You still can...
Installment Agreement
If you are unable to pay your entire tax bill when it is due, IRS Installment Agreements, can help you pay off your tax debt over a period of time..
Wage Garnishment
The loss of a quarter of your wages can have a devastating impact on your budget and almost every other aspect of your life...
Bank Levy
If you owe IRS back taxes or are facing an IRS dispute, we will walk you through the best course of action, examining the details of your unique situation.
Penalty Abatement
Penalties are generally payable upon notice and demand. Penalties are generally assessed, collected and paid in the same manner as taxes. 
Payroll services help you save time with these convenient features: Automated and error-free online payroll processing. Easy-to-use self-service app for employees... 
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